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•We Embark Health ❤️ and DNA 🧬 test all of our Adults, to insure we are breeding health cleared dogs. Embark tests for 250+ health conditions and much more.

•All of our Yorkshire Terriers are registered with AKC, CKC & APRI. Our babies are sold for companion homes only, not for breeding. I care about where my babies go, and there are too many puppy mills in the south for me to trust any breeders with MINE. There for, my pups will NOT get registration papers until I have received proof that they have been SPAYED/NEUTERED. It’s up to their new owners at what age and if they choose to spay or neuter them at all.. but no registry papers will be given until so. 

 No exceptions, PET HOMES ONLY! 

• All of our puppies come with natural full tails. 

•Pricing $

Our male puppies start at $3500 

Our female puppies start at $5000 

and either go up from there, depending on sex, size, color, quality and eye color. 

• Puppies will not be placed on hold without a deposit. All deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable. Our holding fee/ deposit is $1,000 and is included in price. Balance isn’t due until day puppy is picked up. 

 🐾 Check out our waitlist info under the waitlist tab at top of site 🐾

 Next litter we are expecting will be in November from Heidi & Jasper. 





AVAILABLE PUPPIES : Available Puppies
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