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Meet Our Beautiful Boys 💙 
These are our Studs/Dads here at Jergins’ Precious Yorkies 
They are Not Available!  (We do Not offer Stud Services)



“Jergins’ Dream Parti Diego” Diego is an AKC Parti colored Yorkie. He was born and raised here. His dad Leo and mom Khloe started our AKC Parti yorkies.  Diego is a little guy weighing in at a whopping 2 1/2 lbs. He carries the chocolate gene. Diego’s puppies are by far our most popular! He always produces some beautiful babydoll faced yorkies, that’s short legged and short bodied (cobby) like him! They are always so precious and look like puppies even fully grown! So so proud of my little man! 💙



“Jergins’ Chocolate Diamond Jasper” Jasper is a Gorgeous chocolate Merle colored Yorkie with a blue diamond 💎 eye! He’s CKC registered, Carrie’s Parti and weighs 5 lbs. Jasper has a gorgeous coat, and is one of the prettiest Merle yorkies I’ve ever seen. So happy with this boy! 🤎



“King of The Parti Leonardo Jergins” “Leo” started our AKC yorkies and he is now retired. His legacy and bloodline will be continued here from his Son “Diego” 
Leonardo was an amazing stud he produced some top quality babies over the years and those strong amazing lines are still being produced today from Diego. Leonardo and Diego are absolutely the best studs I’ve ever owned, and why my AKC’s will continue from this bloodline only! I will never buy another AKC male Yorkie anywhere else we will only have Diego’s sons, grandsons, great grandsons and so forth in the future. Having a good quality male that’s always produced beautiful and extremely healthy babies is so hard to come by! I’ve been blessed with the best boys and I honestly couldn’t ask for any better. 

Our Dads: Males
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